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GCR Drivetrain Wagovan PRO Ring & pinions

GCR Drivetrain Wagovan PRO Ring & pinions

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GCR Drivetrain produces the prettiest and strongest rear ring and pinion solution for the hi power demand AWD Honda market to date. Produced in an Aerospace facility to exact tolerances, the production of these things are second to none and they are GEORGEOUS. Setup is non problematic and there is no BS to deal with to get them to pattern perfectly.

Not only that but the materials are STRONG and PROVEN to take extenuating abuse!  

Wagovan rear ring & pinions available now and more options/solutions coming including a full billet carrier and cover that are compatible with any OEM spec component that can be mixed and matched in any configuration!

These have been being tested in Aaron Lopez AWD car at TX2k and WCF this year as he was chucking ring and pinions pretty regularly due partially to the unique setup n the H AWD setups using the FEWH22CREWS billet case. which uses a K series TC for strength.

The Diff is positioned upside down so the gears are being "pushed" on the coast side. The failures of the OEM RnPs was getting expensive and a solution not existent, so it was a great test bed as there are guys making more power in conventional setups not having these issues. And some others that are HOWEVER, with wanting to push harder and reliably utilize stiffer Viscous setups, a new solution was needed. After inspection the set looks BRAND new in the car still after alot of abuse.

And here we are. I wont say whom, but there are 3 other top ten AWD cars that are slated to have them put in their cars ASAP.

If you stopped buy at WCF, you may have got a gander at them. They are smooth as glass and again precision manufactured. Joe and the boys Knocked it out of the park with these things.

 They are in stock, and available. Introductory pricing set at 1999. If you have questions or interested in more info just reach out!


NOTE: These gearsets (As with ANY beveled ring and pinion set) require someone knowledgeable in setting up a ring and pinion with access to the tools and parts required. NEVER simply throw a ring and pinion set in anything!


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