Research, Develop, Test... WIN!

Translab Performance Transmissions specializes in Honda manual transmission/drivetrain design, development, prototype, service and repair.

Everything from parts/components and rebuilds/repair to full competition builds ready to ship are options that are available. Street/Race applications across Drag, Rally, Dirt Track, Circle Track, Time Attack/Roadcourse, Autocross and beyond.

With 20 years of experience and over 1200 units built/repaired including a number of world record holding cars in various genres of racing; It is certain We can help!

Feel Free to inquire and THANK YOU for your support!

Videos of products putting in WORK yo!

Aaron Lopez (THEFEWH22CREW) setting PB sandwiches at WCF 2023!!! (GEAR-X USA XD AWD dogbox on board!)


    Dont forget to check out THEFEWH22CREW's site for Billet H22 bellhousings, machine work, transmission builds and updates on what Aaron and the boys are up to! 

Michael Mishio (KONG_EG) lining out his street baddie with the new Translab Performace built GEAR-X USA XD AWD-B dogbox... OOF.

Johhnys New GEAR-X USA XD AWD dogbox shakedown run

BFGEARUSA XD K dogbox in Drag Cartel billet case completed today:)