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GEAR-X USA Drag-2 K series FWD/AWD gearsets

GEAR-X USA Drag-2 K series FWD/AWD gearsets

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The GEAR-X USA Drag 2 gearset kit is a great economical way to update your OEM K transmission to take more power! This is especially neccesary in turbo charged cars making over around 500 WHP. 

In EG/DC/EK etc. chassis, I have many of these in the 750 WHP area. And MORE in some. Also have had good luck with them in MR2 setups in the same power range any more and i suggest a cuff and aftermarket final drive as OEM offerings re to short to get the MPH that will come with the power you'll need if taking her to the track. MANY cars running mid 9s RWD, FWD and AWD.

They will fit both FWD and AWD K transmissions!

The older 1-4 helical sets ratios:  1st - 2.313, 2nd -1.650, 3rd -1.304, and 4th – 1.080

New Straight-cut 1st updated ratios: 1st - 2.80, 2nd -1.90, 3rd -1.304, and 4th – 1.080

Both sets have the no neck down super thick shaft design with long splines allowing use of twin and triple clutches. Both versions still available, see below for options and pricing.


1. You MUST use a 6 speed 3/4 slider with either of these sets. FAILING TO DO SO AND USING A 5 SPEED SLIDER WILL RESULT IN 4th GEAR pop out isssues!

2. You will need to slighty grind the tip of the reverse forks for clearance of first gear on the input shaft on the all helical set.

3. The 1-4 sets include a spacer for models with the magnetic pickup style VSS on the outer transmission case to avoid the VSS from contacting 3rd gear.



GEAR-X USA 4.058 Sub-Zero treated fInal drives are available and optimized for the ratios Available in 4.058 and 4.4 ratios. Available for 695.00

GEAR-X USA Pro Spec 5th and 6th gearsets (different ratios available) 389/set

Translab Performance 6th gear or GEAR-X USA K 5th gear cuffs 500.00

Translab Performance Billet VSS blockoff plugs 30.00

Translab Performance K  series AWD transfer case block off plates 150.00


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