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GEAR-X USA AWD Honda B-Series AWD SBXMTop Eliminator Synchro kit 1-4

GEAR-X USA AWD Honda B-Series AWD SBXMTop Eliminator Synchro kit 1-4

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GEAR-X USA AWD B series Top Eliminator

The BEST priced synchro set on the market for 750 WHP-900 WHP street cars! After the success of the FWD sets, Jeff and I decided to do an AWD version. Again these are the best value for B series AWD SBXM guys! These are a "Drop in set" Using all OEM style synchronization components.

We rate the Top Eliminator sets at 750 WHP but they have taken a good deal more reliably. Since its inception we have sold 100s of these with the goal of a reliable mid price stepping stone available for guys that don't want to make the jump to a dogbox but are making too much power for OEM gearsets.

People have been making 750WHP no problem uncuffed on the Top Eliminators sets and the OEM bellhousings are cracking before any damage to the gearsets is seen.  a number moving to billet cases. Anyone wanting to make 800+ I suggest purchasing a 5th gear cuff  (Available  from us - 300.00). If not aiming that high power-wise you may use the OEM 5th gear offering to use for a HWY cruise. Combined with the 4.0 Final drive and better rations, its much more pleasant on the freeway.

Also they CAN be faceplated by Liberty. A number of people have done so and had great luck, effectively creating a very economical and robust dogbox in doing so.

Ratios: 3:1, 1.9:1, 1.3:1, 1:1

MSRP: 2950


OPTIONAL: The AWD  Top-Eliminators are capable of taking well beyond a OEM FInal drive applications power ratings. Also the OEM ratio is very short and really not optimal so we did a 4.0 HD final drive that can take the punishment! These are a helical  cut setup with a 4.00 final drive ratio. They take a good heap of power.

MSRP: 800






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