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THEFEWH22CREW LSD machining service for AWD fitment

THEFEWH22CREW LSD machining service for AWD fitment

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This service is for Machining the  H22 FWD differentials to be used as an AWD H22 Differential.

The  Bolt holes of the diff are machined out to remove threads and match the diameter of OEM factory K series AWD transfer gear bolts. Next the bolt holes of the diff are recess cut to the diameter of the k series Bolt heads for clearance with the AWD H22 Belhousing and correct transfer gear tooth alignment.

Please see both options for M-Factory, and Wavetrac and pick appropriately.



1. Once this option is performed on the differential it will NO LONGER be able to be used in FWD Applications.

2. H22 Differentials SOLD SEPARATELY

3. If sending in your own Differential for machining service YOU will be responsible for SHIPPING to and from Aaron and the boys.

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