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Speedfactory Racing

Speedfactory Racing AWD B SBXM billet bellhousing

Speedfactory Racing AWD B SBXM billet bellhousing

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8/31/23: EXPECTED IN Mid SEPT. PRE ORDERS LIVE TO GET ON WAITING LIST!   List tracked on the TransLab Facebook page <3


The SpeedFactory Racing AWD B-Series Billet Bellhousing is your ultimate choice - precise, accurate, & pain-free to build unlike others. Unmatched quality & unrivaled performance, a truly functional work of art as noted by all the top teams and shops that have made this housing the foundation of choice for their AWD B-Series racing transmissions. 

I have used all of the others and will ONLY use these for billet cased builds originating from Translab, with good reason.

Superior incorporated design elements include:

  • Modified countershaft bearing retention plate location clears larger diameter aftermarket countershaft teeth while retaining OEM plate and locking tab with no need for any grinding or modification. (2022+ product update)
  • Clears oversized (vs stock) PPG crown wheel & transfer drive gear
  • Built-in axle seal stop (for easy & precise depth control during installation)
  • Retains OEM oil control features missing or done incorrectly in other offerings

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