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Speedfactory Racing

SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit

SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit

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The SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit has been created to provide you with the parts and modifications needed to easily retrofit a stock format FWD B-Series gear set into your B AWD transmission with NO MACHINE WORK required!  (GEAR-X USA, Albins, OEM etc)

Detailed instructions are included.

This kit now eliminates any need for machine work and opens your ratio options up to use almost any existing B-Series FWD gear set (either synchro or dog engagement that uses a factory style layout) and at the same time fixes the weak 1/2 shift fork issue by replacing it with a new much thicker and stronger billet fork!


Included Components/Services:

1. Billet SFR 1/2 Shift Fork Our hardened & shot peened billet steel retrofit upgrade is super strong and has the proper fork pad thickness to work with a FWD 1/2 slider.

2. Custom SFR 1st Idler Gear Split Needle Bearing - Previously if you wanted to attempt this conversion you had to machine the ID of the 1st gear larger or machine the countershaft journal height larger. With this custom bearing no machining is necessary!

3. Custom SFR Precision Spacers – Needed to achieve proper component locations

    1. Mainshaft Spacer (replaces the oem flat washer under the mainshaft - retain the flex washer underneath and set endplay to factory specs)
    2. 1/2 Hub Spacer (goes under the 1/2 slider hub)
    3. Reverse Thrust Washer (goes under the reverse idler gear if you are using a short 41.9mm tall FWD 3.0 ratio idler gear. If you have a 45.8mm tall FWD or AWD 3.0 ratio reverse idler gear you do not need to use this washer)
    4. Upper Cuff Shim (For use with Albins B Dog Set only, not used for synchro sets)

NOTE: You will need to use the gears, hubs, sliders, and synchros from the FWD sets and the pinion shaft and ring gear will still need to be an AWD specific set – either OEM or OEM compatible aftermarket final drive set. (Note: The B AWD 2nd synchro & 3rd/4th hub/slider/synchros can also be used.)





Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you send me modified forks and then I’ll send you my cores back?
    No. The forks you send will be modified and then sent back to you. Allow up to 2 weeks for processing.
  1. What about the 3/4 shift fork?
    Your factory AWD 3/4 shift fork is the same thickness and diameter as the FWD sets and does not require any changes.
  1. I noticed that the FWD input shaft is a bit shorter than the AWD input shaft. Does the FWD input shaft not reach the pilot bearing?
    The FWD mainshaft pilot snout still reaches over half way into the pilot bearing which is just fine and doesn’t cause any issues.
  1. What about the clutch spline length, I noticed that those are a bit different between FWD and AWD?
    Although slightly different in length it works just fine with both single and multiplate clutches.
  1. Do you offer core used transmissions, gearsets, or other internal components?
    Sorry, we do not offer used core parts.

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