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SpeedFactory Racing

SpeedFactory Racing Stainless Steel Ramhorn Turbo Manifold

SpeedFactory Racing Stainless Steel Ramhorn Turbo Manifold

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The SpeedFactory Racing Ram Horn Turbo Manifold has an equal length design and spools larger turbos very quickly, producing broad powerbands that carry to the top of the RPM range. This manifold is for high power applications where large torque and great spool are necessary alongside big top-end horsepower, making it suitable for drag race vehicles.

Our Ram Horn is constructed from high quality 1.5” Schedule 40 stainless steel, and is TIG-Welded and back purged to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality product possible. Our cylinder head, wastegate, and turbine inlet flanges are CNC machined from ½” plate 1018 Steel and all mating surfaces are machined flat ensuring a perfect seal.


*Note: This turbo manifold requires removing your vehicle's air conditioning system. To see our A/C Compatible Ramhorn Manifolds, please click HERE!

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