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TransLab Performance Transmissions LLC

Translab billet cupholder For Precision, M&M and other shifters

Translab billet cupholder For Precision, M&M and other shifters

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Super Bangin billet cupholders utilizing a universal mount design allowing them to be mounted to Precision Shifters, M&M Shifters and others with 5.75, 6.0, or 6.25 mounting bolt spacing.

The brackets may also be mounted to the housings of B&M Pro sticks, Hurst Quartersticks etc.

Have had guys put them on the sides of stringers and rails in boats as well.

These hold full 24oz tallboiz, medium water bottles and your favorite foofy Starbucks iced drinks you don't want people knowing you drink! :)

Cupholders come assembled with all SS hardware and .250" thick billet spacers to space off the side of your shifter should you need to for clearance. 


Note: They are designed to be able to be rotated to the desired F/R axis. Once you have it worked out where you want them, you may apply one SMALL drop of superglue to the face of the mounting bracket (make sure its dry) and tighten the mount bolt securely. This will guarantee to keep it from rotating at all.



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