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TransLab Performance Transmissions LLC

Translab H22 Top Eliminator synchro gearset

Translab H22 Top Eliminator synchro gearset

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The Translab Top Eliminator H22 1-4 Synchro gearset is THE premier H22 Synchronized gearset on the market!

This set is available exclusively via Translab Performance, here!

Near and dear to my heart, this set was MFG'ed EXCLUSIVELY for us by GEAR-X USA to my specs for all the H22 family! Compatible with all OEM style synchro engagement, this set retains all OEM style components and is a direct fit for all H22/F22/F20B and F23 transmissions.

These can be paired with OEM 5th gears for the street guys, or utilizing one of our billet 5th gear cuff braces. Also check out or HD 4.0 Final drives optimized for the power and range to get you through the traps with room!

They are rated for 750 WHP but have been taking upwards of 900 without issue. Above 750 WHP, Cuff is advised



1st 3:1

2nd 1.9:1

3rd: 1.3:1

4th 1:1


Available options include:

5th cuffs for 300.00

4.0:1 HD final drives 700.00

Master rebuild kits with carbon synchros 735.00


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