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Generic questions regarding pricing for various builds, services and repairs should for the most part be answered here. Feel free to browse below for pricing guidelines. If you cannot find specific info for what you're looking for please, do ask!

The following information is intended to provide a ballpark Idea across B/K/F/H/J/D variants and depends on level of work being done and/or custom services (machining etc.) needed. Those interested in inspections and paying for that service initially; Any inspection fees WILL count towards agreed labor upon game-plan being put into motion to move forward with further work being done :)

NOTE: We are not responsible for problems with customer supplied part defect/issues even if they are from a MFG we work with. While NOT required; I highly suggest that parts are purchased HERE if we're going to  move forward with labor as if there is a problem I have a direct line of contact and can handle warranty issues on parts first hand keeping things moving quickly as possible as we stock many of the components we sell.  This is to protect both the customer as well as us here and provide a backable product with a positive end user experience.

Our tribe:

Translab Components, GEAR-X USA, Speedfactory Racing, BFGEARUSA, PPG, Drag Cartel, Synchrotech, M-Factory, Wavetrac, TheFEWH22CREW, GTS, AGB, Quaife, MTM, MTEC and more are all carried, sold and serviced by us. Also: We are an accepted center for warranty/repair work with a number of these companies.


Services include:

"OEM" refreshes/rebuilds: 

FWD/AWD OEM based case/gearset rebuilds/repairs with OEM or aftermarket (Synchrotech, M-Factory etc.) components (Synchros, LSDs etc.). Internal cleaning, inspection, consultation, replacement options of worn components and agreed labor and repair(s) performed with photo documentation included.

Labor: 300-500 USD plus parts.


Aftermarket synchro engagement set installs/setup/repair (GEARX/PPG/BF GEAR USA/ALBINS etc):

FWD/AWD Aftermarket Synchronous Gearset installation including COMPLETE setup from scratch checking all dimensions. Clearances/shimming addressed, end play set, blueprinting with specs divulged to customer and pictures for customer records.

OEM or aftermarket Billet cases, aftermarket gearsets and NON-OEM based components. LSD and Shaft brace (Cuff) setups included here.

 Labor: 400-750 USD plus parts. 


"Premium"/"Extreme" AWD/FWD builds and setups (i.e. dogbox/sequential, etc.):

Full on all out custom builds apply here!!! FWD/AWD Billet cased dogbox (Including sequential) setup options fall into this category. OEM/Billet bellhousings, Dog engagement gearsets with cuffs and final drives, PPG transfer gears, LSD and HD SCHA installs built from the ground up using our proprietary clearances proven in the field. All clearances measured and brought into spec, build blueprinted with transmission assembly verified in a cut window case and specs divulged to customer with picture documentation provided.

This includes custom shims etc. should they need to be procured or MFGed and machining services should they be necessary.

 Labor: 750-1000 USD plus parts. 



Customer agrees to accept all liability in core/completed unit(s) transit. Both shipping to AND from us. Shipping charges, insurance and packaging are to be paid by customer. Arrangements can be made for return shipping to talk @dropoff to take care of any fees/charges at time of shipping.

Translab Performance Transmissions LLC. will not be held liable for any damage incurred in transit to or from the shop, hence requiring Insurance on ALL returned units we ship back.

Our default means of return shipping of completed units is FED-EX Ground via a local hub I have a very good relationship with that has done shipping without ONE hiccup for years. Box dimensions 24x24x24 and weight equaling 115 LBS. Packaging used is heavy duty double wall boxes that exceed load weight, with hard foam bottom and Insta-pack used internally along with being strapped on the outside and labeled Heavy, Fragile and "Up" side noted. Transmission will be firmly packaged inside of box. Left up to me this WILL be the default means of shipping 

Any completed units shipped back to customers will be insured for full value unless customer accepts risk in writing. This is negotiable to the degree the customer is willing to take responsibility. We can chat about what you would like to do during consultation.

Upon receipt of returned transmission(s)/components:

Make a visual inspection of the shipping package(s)  exterior.
If any issues ARE noted, take detailed photos of any damage to exterior of packaging.
Remove product from packaging and do a detailed inspection looking for                        any  possible incurred damage.
Document any damages found.
If an damage is noted, Contact FED EX and get a case number, then contact us to        get you information to help your claim.

Thank you for your help, support, and understanding guys!  



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