Collection: THEFEWH22CREW

Aaron Lopez and THEFEWH22CREW have been a staple in the Honda drag racing community for a long long time. One of the nicest most humble people you'll ever meet, Do NOT confuse his demeanor. He is a RELENTLESS competitor and true REAL DEAL hard core racer. A racer's racer.

Loyal to the H platform and ALWAYS an innovator, he and his team have pushed the H22 platform further than about anyone on the planet. It is a pleasure to call he, Phil, Rosie, Jason, Brandan, Jacob, Tito, Mike and Magic family.

His development of the Billet H22 AWD bellhousing was monumental in the support of a true straight H racing platform for high HP racers. I feel special for him to bring us into its fruition helping with design and prototyping including printing a real size version for test fitment that was actually assembled and bolted in the car! That said, were not done yet.

The car has been 7.64 and 192 MPH with room left in it as of this writing and will be pushed further towards its limits every time its brought out. 

Stay tuned for more and more products and really cool stuff such as the appearances on the Street outlaws series aired lately. Don't be surprised as he pushes the H22 based race program up the ladder of top ten fastest AWD cars on earth.